Principal’s Updates

Summer Newsletter-start of the 2016-17 school year

Information about the start of school in late August, early September is posted on our CBE Lord Beaverbrook High School web site. Find the ‘Summer Newsletter’ under the For Students/Student Information/School Start Up tabs. The newsletter contains important information for students, parents, guardians regarding opening procedures, activities, school fees, school program reminders, athletics, school resources.

Celebrating Achievement Results

Over the last four years, we have been monitoring achievement, course completion, and high school completion rates very closely. While each of these is a separate entity unto itself, they are closely connected when examining student success at the high school level. Three years ago we established a School Development Plan that addressed areas for […]

New Developments

2015-16 continues to be a year of progress for our school. Here are our top new and exciting developments: LBHS App – our school is in the testing phase for an app for LBHS. The idea for this app originated from the LBHS Student Learning Symposium last year. The app will give everyone fast access […]

Learning Updates

Our staff has engaged this year in a multitude of projects designed to improve learning opportunities for students. Projects that staff have engaged in have focused on the goals of our school development plan specifically in areas of our students ability to respond to complex abstract text; critical thinking skills; task design – meaningful, relevant […]