Principal’s Updates

New Developments

2015-16 continues to be a year of progress for our school. Here are some new and exciting developments:

LBHS/Peak Power Sport Development partnership: Exciting training and sport development opportunity for student athletes at LBHS. A pilot program is being held in May-June. Full launch of this initiative is Fall 2016. For complete information please contact Erin Lyons, Athletic Director,

LBHS App – our school is in the testing phase for an app for LBHS. The idea for this app originated from the LBHS Student Learning Symposium last year. The app will give everyone fast access to information about our school and help to improve our communication. Watch for a larger school wide launch prior to end of June.

Babbling Brook – on-line magazine. Launched May 13, 2016.

LBHS Modernization Project – Open House – will be held on June 2, 2016 at the school. An invitation will be sent out to our school community and feeder schools within the next two weeks with specific times and details. Hold the date in your calendar and plan on attending!

Learning Updates

Our staff has engaged this year in a multitude of projects designed to improve learning opportunities for students. Projects that staff have engaged in have focused on the goals of our school development plan specifically in areas of our students ability to respond to complex abstract text; critical thinking skills; task design – meaningful, relevant and engaging tasks and assessment for learning. Teachers have worked together individually, in partnership with other teachers and across disciplines to design new units of study, revamp entire programs of study or initiate new projects for implementation in classrooms. I am very proud of the work of our staff and how they have taken up the challenge. Great work!

LBHS Learning Conversations-One Year Out

A little over one year ago our school engaged in Learning Conversations with our school community, students, parents/guardians and staff. All of those conversations generated a “ton” of very useful ideas, thinking and information. The Student Learning Symposium in January 2015 allowed our students to share their thoughts about our school. Since then we have acted on their ideas in the following ways:

  • Quick Wins: Learning Leader for Student Empowerment (Hired!); Career/Student Futures Fair (Scheduled for March 10!); Communications Working Group (Established!); Technology access-laptops in the Learning Commons for sign-out (Done!); LBHS App Design (In Progress!); Learning Commons Re-Design (Done!); Pep Rallies/Student Celebrations (Started!); Success in Learning Days (Started!); Thirty staff attended provincial Moving Forward with High School Re-Design sessions (Continuing!)
  • Longer Term Initiatives: School Development Plan (Third year-ongoing work!); Iris implementation (Started!); School Wellness Initiative (Forming!); Flexibility (Investigating!)
  • We are listening and taking action on items and issues both outside of and inside the classroom related to student learning and student success. Go Lords! Go JBA Canucks! Be fiercely proud!

* Go Lords! Go JBA Canucks! Be fiercely proud!*
Jim Simpson