Go Lords!

LBHS Learning Conversations-New Information!

This year there will be several opportunities for students, parents, guardians and staff to engage in a series of learning conversations and discussions regarding High School Success.

In the style of the LBHS Student Learning Symposium, our school is inviting parents and guardians to participate in a series of Learning Conversations in the months of February-April 2015. The meetings and conversations will occur during LBHS School Council meetings in the LBHS Learning Commons East Courtyard at 7:00 p.m. on the following dates : February 10; March 10; April 14 . For more information please go to the For Parents/School Council tab or contact Mr. Simpson, Principal, jesimpson@cbe.ab.ca

The LBHS Student Learning Symposium was held January 15 and 16. The event was very successful engaging 135 current grade 10-12 Lord Beaverbrook High School students in conversations about school structures; learning; assessment, evaluation and reporting; school culture; co-curricular program; student success; communication. The Symposium also hosted a student panel of current grade 10-12 students and graduates of LBHS. Thank you to all of our student leaders who participated in the symposium. Students will have another opportunity to respond to additional questions in March or April through a Google Form. The school has just started to review the mountain of data, student input and feedback collected during the Symposium. A report to our school community will be shared in the near future.

LBHS Principal’s Student Advisory Council (updated)

The LBHS Student Advisory Council is comprised of 45 students in grades 10, 11 and 12 and meets once per month. The Council just concluded meetings on Friday February 20. In each meeting students has the chance to share information about current issues, concerns; received an update on the LBHS Student Learning Symposium; talked about a strategy related to school pride, positive messaging; and reviewed their input from the last meeting. Each grade level was challenged to think about what project or initiative they might be willing to take on in the future. More information to come! What a great group of students to have the privilege of working with. Top drawer stuff! Students should look for information about the Council on this site: For Students/Student Information tab.

Student success at LBHS!

LBHS continues to succeed both in the classroom, in the community, on the stage and the court and playing field. Are you aware that our school had four teams in City Championship final games this fall? Are you aware that our school swim team were fiercely proud recently in the City Championships? Are you aware of our most recent success in staging “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream”? Are you aware of how our school is connecting to the community (Acadia School; feeder schools) through Leadership? Are you aware of the activities prior to winter break that lead to contributions to families and the larger community of Calgary prior to the holiday season? Are you aware of the focus of our school on student achievement, assessment for learning and design of meaningful relevant and engaging tasks? Are you aware of the rate of improvement in our diploma results and how our high school completion rate has improved over the last two years? Are you aware of how many of our students are engaged in apprenticeships and dual credit opportunities in CTS, with Olds College and with participating Trades in Calgary? Are you aware that we have recognized over 200 students in the last year for their outstanding personal achievements and contributions to our school community and the larger community in Calgary through the Caught Ya’ award? Are you aware of our students most recent successes – First Place in the World of Wheels Pedal Car Challenge; Superior, Gold and Excellent ratings of our Symphonic and Concert Bands at the Alberta International Band Festival; Silver Medal Performance at the Canadian Improv Games Alberta Wildfire Tournament; and a Silver medal for our Senior Girls Basketball Team at the Bowness High School Basketball Tournament? If not – now you know how our school is working to define student success at Lord Beaverbrook. Stay tuned for more.

Students Building School Pride

Lord Beaverbrook students care for and desire to make our school and our community a better place to be. Students Building School Pride is a Prezi (presentation tool) that shows how our students are building school pride through voice, leadership, community influence, and staying connected. If you are a current student (or future student) and want to get involved in an activity, club or initiative, have a look! The Prezi will show you what opportunities exist, what each club does, where they meet and highlights some of the activities for each club throughout the year. To access the Prezi, click on the link below:


High School Registration

The Calgary Board of Education has published a new High School Course Registration Guide. The guide comes in two forms: a long guide detailing specifics about high school courses and programs; and a short guide designed to help people understand some basics and foundations about high school programming and student success. These guides are available on-line. Information specific to Lord Beaverbrook High School, programs, courses and student learning opportunities can be found on this site. Lord Beaverbrook High School will continue to support our students, parents, guardians with program registration specific to our school and will continue to refine our on-line course registration process. Currently, grade 9, grade 1o and 11 students are being supported through on-line course registration for 2015-16. Our target for completion of registration is the end of March 2015.

Opportunities at Lord Beaverbrook High School

Increasingly throughout our school year students will be able to access additional supports, seek out learning and leadership opportunities, and provide their voice to our school. Through a partnership with the United Way of Calgary and the “All in for Youth” Initiative, students have increasing access to tutoring, scholarships, personal supports, mentors, and special presentations.  Through a generous donation from the Fraternal Order of Eagles, our school has launched a “Sports Development Initiative.” There are two parts to this initiative: Athletic Subsidy and Participation in Sport Development Camps. We will continue to recognize our students for their accomplishments in our school and the school community through the “Caught Ya” awards and in the spring of 2015, recognize student achievement, effort through “Do Your Best!” Students should be looking for more information regarding these exciting opportunities on this site, the daily bulletin and on our television monitors around the school.

The Final Word

To all of our students, remember – do your best!

Continued success to all of our students in semester two.

Go Lords! Be fiercely proud!

Jim Simpson, Principal