Go Lords!

LBHS Learning Conversations-New Information!

This year there have been several opportunities for students, parents, guardians to provide their voice into what we do at Lord Beaverbrook High School. There is a mountain of data, input and feedback to review. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in these important conversations. The data can easily be separated into two distinct areas: High School Re-Design and; Areas to improve, grow at LBHS. Work has started to address some of the areas identified for improvement and growth. Look for announcements around the school and on this site to see what we are working on. Results from all of our conversations will be published prior to the end of this school year. Great stuff!

Principal’s Student Advisory Council (updated)

The LBHS Student Advisory Council activities are coming to a close for this school year. Thank you to all of the Council members for agreeing to participate and for your contributions, discussions and input. Opportunities will be available for students in grade 10, 11 and 12 to apply for Council in the 2015-16. Look for that announcement early in September 2015.

Student success at LBHS!

Check the News and Event tab to learn more about the success of our students both at school and in the community! Our students continue to shine and represent our school exceptionally well!

Students Building School Pride

Lord Beaverbrook students care for and desire to make our school and our community a better place to be. Students Building School Pride is a Prezi (presentation tool) that shows how our students are building school pride through voice, leadership, community influence, and staying connected. If you are a current student (or future student) and want to get involved in an activity, club or initiative, have a look! The Prezi will show you what opportunities exist, what each club does, where they meet and highlights some of the activities for each club throughout the year. To access the Prezi, click on the link below:


Student Recognition

Knowing our students, knowing of their talents, strengths, and achievements both in and out of school is important. Next time you are in the school, have a look at the Caught Ya’ awards displayed at the end of the main foyer in the display case. To date (one year since inception) we have recognized over 300 students for their achievements, successes, citizenship and contributions both at Lord Beaverbrook and in the community. Our school will also host the first bi-annual “Do Your Best – Breakfast of Champions” in June. This will provide our teachers the opportunity to recognize a student they feel is doing what it takes to succeed – to do their best. More to come!

Opportunities at Lord Beaverbrook High School

Increasingly throughout our school year students will be able to access additional supports, seek out learning and leadership opportunities, and provide their voice to our school. Through a partnership with the United Way of Calgary and the “All in for Youth” Initiative, students have increasing access to tutoring, scholarships, personal supports, mentors, and special presentations.  Through a generous donation from the Fraternal Order of Eagles, our school has launched a “Sports Development Initiative.” There are two parts to this initiative: Athletic Subsidy and Participation in Sport Development Camps. We will continue to recognize our students for their accomplishments in our school and the school community through the “Caught Ya” awards and in the spring of 2015, recognize student achievement, effort through “Do Your Best!” Students should be looking for more information regarding these exciting opportunities on this site, the daily bulletin and on our television monitors around the school.

The Final Word

To all of our students, remember stay focused, reach your goals – do your best!

To our grade 12 students, we are looking forward to upcoming ceremonies and the banquet.

Go Lords! Be fiercely proud!

Jim Simpson, Principal