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Exciting, Emerging Opportunities


Given our school’s relationship with Calgary United Way and the “All in for Youth” initiative, our school has been offered a tremendous opportunity.

SAIT is offering a scholarship to one graduating grade 12 student from Lord Beaverbrook High School. The scholarship is valued at $15,000.00, over a two year period. Eligible applicants must: meet or exceed minimum entrance requirements to SAIT; plan to attend a two-year diploma program at SAIT; must demonstrate financial need. Three applications from Lord Beaverbrook will be forwarded to SAIT for final review. In July, SAIT will make the final decision when awarding the scholarship to one graduating student from LBHS.

Thank you to all of the students who applied. This opportunity will extend beyond 2014-15 school year and be awarded annually. If you are a student at LBHS entering your grade 12 year and are thinking about application to SAIT for September 2015, this would be an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Student Achievement

At the start of the school year, as Principal, I made a bold statement. That statement was that I want Lord Beaverbrook to be the best high school in Calgary. I challenged students to “Do your best; show us your best attitude; do your best work; and put forth your best effort.”

Over the course of this school year, there have been several opportunities to share stories from students about how they are In working to meet that challenge both in and out of the classroom, and the school. I look forward to sharing more stories with our school community in 2014-15.

Students Building School Pride

Lord Beaverbrook students care for and desire to make our school and our community a better place to be. Students Building School Pride is a Prezi (presentation tool) that shows how our students are building school pride through voice, leadership, community influence, and staying connected. If you are a current student and want to get involved in an activity, club or initiative, have a look at what opportunities exist, and make it happen! If you are a prospective student and want to see what you could become involved in at LBHS, click on the link below:


The Final Word

To all of our students, I wish you success on exams and a safe, enjoyable summer holiday. I look forward to welcoming our our newest grade 10 students and returning grade 11 and 12 students in September.

To all of our graduating grade 12 students, you are now in the middle of yet another transition into life, work or post secondary education. Be confident and courageous in whatever you do.

To all of our students, remember – do your best!

Go Lords! Be fiercely proud!

Jim Simpson, Principal