Go Lords!

High School Success

At the end of the 2013-14 school year I made a commitment to engage our school community in a “learning conversation” and an opportunity to discuss our school’s future. As you may be aware, High School Principals in the Calgary Board of Education have for the last year been discussing high school success for students and participating in province wide meetings related to High School Re-Design. This year there will be several opportunities for students, parents, guardians and staff to engage in conversation related to many different topics such as student achievement, success, high school completion, the structure of high school, just to name a few. The opportunities to participate may include face to face meetings, Google forums, surveys and a LBHS School Future Student Advisory. Please check back in the near future for more information regarding opportunities to participate.

Students Building School Pride

Lord Beaverbrook students care for and desire to make our school and our community a better place to be. Students Building School Pride is a Prezi (presentation tool) that shows how our students are building school pride through voice, leadership, community influence, and staying connected. If you are a current student (or future student) and want to get involved in an activity, club or initiative, have a look! The Prezi will show you what opportunities exist, what each club does, where they meet and highlights some of the activities for each club throughout the year. To access the Prezi, click on the link below:


Congratulations LBHS!

The Ecology Club is proud to announce that Lord Beaverbrook High School has been chosen as the third greenest school in Canada. This prestigious award is given out by the Canada Green Building Council. The council highlighted our water conservation and electricity reduction measures, water bottle filling stations and the Living Wall. Our school’s story is featured on the web site of the Calgary Board of Education (www.cbe.ab.ca). There will be a special presentation at the school in the coming weeks. Great work Lords!

Opportunities at Lord Beaverbrook High School

Increasingly throughout our school year students will be able to access additional supports, seek out learning and leadership opportunities, and provide their voice to our school. Through a partnership with the United Way of Calgary and the “All in for Youth” Initiative, students will have access to tutoring, scholarships, and special presentations in classrooms and school wide.  Through a generous donation from the Fraternal Order of Eagles, our school has launched a “Sports Development Initiative.” There are two parts to this initiative: Athletic Subsidy and Participation in Sport Development Camps. We will continue to recognize our students for their accomplishments in our school and the school community through the “Caught Ya” awards and recognize student achievement, effort through “Do Your Best!” Students should be looking for more information regarding these exciting opportunities on this site, the daily bulletin and on our television monitors around the school.

The Final Word

To all of our students, remember – do your best!

Go Lords! Be fiercely proud!

Jim Simpson, Principal