Beret & Scarf

Teacher Sponsor(s):  Mr. Anders Alm & Mr. Richard Wagner

Meeting time: Various

Meeting place: Room 265

Beret & Scarf Vol. 1 Issue 1

If you’re a poet, songwriter, painter, graffiti artist, author, sculptor, photographer, graphic designer, or tattooist who would like to have your work featured in the Spring edition of the B&S, email your writing or pictures to Alm ( or Wagner ( You can also drop off your work to room 202 (Alm) or to room 260 (Wagner).

If your work is included in the magazine, you’ll receive as many free copies as you’d like to distribute to your family, friends, neighbours, pets, or vague acquaintances – you’ll be famous! Within weeks of being published you’ll be fighting off TMZ reporters and wearing giant sunglasses when you go for coffee; just ask the students who were published first semester.

A huge thanks to all students who contributed to the Beret & Scarf!